AHBA = American Herding Breed Association.

Since 2017 organiseerd DWAS wedstrijden voor deze vereniging.

Het is een programma met een mooie opbouw, beginnend bij aanlegtesten voor beginners tot aan parcoursen op het open veld.

DWAS organises AHBA trials since 2017.

This is a great program with clear building blocks to get you and your dog ready to trial. It starts with instinctests for beginners to open field trials.


titles te verkrijgen:

HCT= Herding Capability Test

JHD = Junior Herding Dog

HTAD, level I,II,II = Herding Trial Arena dog, level and class of stock ( sdc)

HRD = Herding Ranch Dog

RLF = Ranch Large Flock

HTD , Level I,II,III = Herding Trial Dog, level and class of stock ( sdc)

HtCH =    A Herding Trial Championship (HTCh.) is earned by obtaining 10 additional qualifying scores of 80 or above in the advanced classes, after the completion of an HTD III, HRD III, RLF III, or HTAD III title.  These scores may be earned on any of the courses, and may be earned on one type of stock or on any combination of types of stock, with up to 3 scores allowed on ducks.

HtCH champions 2019


   JJ Jalapeno HTD ds III, HTAD dsc III & Anneke de Jong
   Jackpot's Heather HTDsd III, HTADsd III & Ilona Pfeffer 

results HCT 2019

results HTD 2019

results HTAD 2019

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