Since 2004 organiseert DWAS trials voor ASCA ( Australian Shepherd Club of America)

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DWAS organizes herding trials for ASCA since 2004.

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De volgende titels zijn te halen: Titles in herding:

STD= Started trial dog ( ducks, sheep, cattle)

OTD= Open trial Dog ( dsc)

ATD = Advanced trial dog ( dsc)

PATD= Post advanced trial dog ( cs)

WTCH= Working trial Champion

WTCHm= Working trial Champion multiple classes

WTCH X= Working trial Champion Excelent

OFTD = Open Farmtrial dog ( dsc)

ATFD - Advanced Farmtrialdog ( dcs)

OFTDm= Open farmtrial dog mixed classes

AFTD = Advanced farmtrial dog mixed classes.

Advanced Farm Trial Dog – X. (AFTD-X (class of stock). This title is for dogs that have earned FOUR scores over 110 in an advanced class, i.e. AFTD-Xc, AFTD-Xs, AFTD-Xd or AFTD-Xm. 

Farm Trial Champion (FTCH). This title is for dogs that have earned their AFTD-X in all four classes of stock, i.e. cattle, sheep, ducks and any combination of mixed. This would be a total of 16 advanced farm trial scores over 110.

RD= Ranch dog

RTD= Ranch trial dog ( sc)

Stockdog Champion – SDCH – awarded to dogs that have completed the following requirements:

  1. Working Trial Champion –X
  2. Advanced Farm Dog on cattle and one other stock
  3. Ranch Trial Dog on Sheep and cattle
  4. Post advanced Trial Dog on sheep and cattle


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