AHBA HCT and HTAD trials November 2022

  Results HCT and HTAD November 27th       

AHBA HCT and HTAD trials October 2022

  Results HCT October 29th   Results HTAD TR1 October 30th Results HTAD TR1 October 30th  
  YEAR-END-AWARDS 2022      

High Combined Started

JJ Twirre

High Combined Non WTCH

Rasta Fay

High Combined WTCH

Jolly good Fellow des Comp. du Berger


High Combined Other Breed

Boyd's Bullriding Incredible Bindi

High Combined Farmtrial

Rasta Fay

  ASCA Farmtrials and Stocktrials September 2022      
  Results Farmtrial September 7th Results Farmtrial September 8th     
   Results Stocktrial 1 September 9th Results Stocktrial 2 September 9th    
  Results Stocktrial 1 September 10th Results Stocktrial 2 September 10th    
  Results Stocktrial 1 September 11th Results Stocktrial 2 September 11th    
  ASCA Farmtrialweekend June 2022      
   Results Farmtrial June 23  Results Farmtrial June 24    
   Results Farmtrial June 25  Results Farmtrial June 26    
  ASCA Farm- and Stocktrials May 2022      
  Results Farmtrial May 31

Results Stocktrial June 1

Results Stocktrial 1, June 2  
  Results Stocktrial 2, June 2  Results Stocktrial 1, June 3  Results Stocktrial 2, June 3  
  Results Stocktrial 1, June 4  Results Stocktrial 2, June 4  Results Stocktrial 1, June 5  
   Results Stocktrial 2, June 5  MVA RESULTS    
  ASCA Trials April 2022      
  Results Farmtrial & Stocktrials       
  YEAR-END-AWARDS 2021      


Results Year end 2021


Results Year end Farmtrial 2021





High Combined Started

Giglio Coal

High Combined Non WTCH

Doc Piepers Halcon Atigrado

High Combined WTCH

S Bar L American Spirit

Year end Farmtrial Dog

Doc Piepers Irn Bru Roble


ASCA Trials October 2021



Results Farmtrial & farmtrial mix

Result Stocktrials October    

AHBA TRIALS August 2021



Results AHBA





Results farmtrial July 

Results Stocktrials July 2-4 

  YEAR-END-AWARDS 2020      


Result started 


 Result Non WTCH


 Result WTCH


Result Other breed





High Combined Started

Siebe Gimme more

High Combined Non WTCH

Doc Piepers Halcon Aigrado

High Combined WTCH 

Jolly Good Fellow des Comp du Berger

High Combined Other Breed

ACD Tickle


TRIALS September 2020

  Results Farmtrial  Results Stocktrials     




ASCA TRIALS August 2020


Results farmtrial 13 aug

14 aug trial 1

14 aug trial 2


15 aug trial 1

15 aug trial 2


16 aug trial 1

16 aug trial 2

  YEAR-END-AWARDS 2019      


High Combined Started

& Non WTCH

JJ Famke


High Combined WTCH

JJ Sun


High Combined Other Breed

ACD Tickle





AHBA 2019





ASCA TRIALS Sept. 2019


Results ASCA Sept.2019

  ASCA TRIALS June 2019      
  Results ASCA June 2019      




Results year end 



High Combined Started

High Plains Long RD to Drover





High Combined Non WTCH

Rasta One Special Dunnit


High Combined WTCH

JJ Sun







ASCA TRIALS Sept. 2018




 Results September 2018







Results AHBA 2018      






Results May 2018 






  Results year end       

High Combined Started

Moon Rise A Secret Pleasure


High Combined Non WTCH

Jolly Sox des Compagnon du Berger


High Combined WTCH

Doc Piepers Tio Pepe









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